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Watch Tokyo Godfathers

Watch it here —> That’s right, click here. You are compelled.

A run-away, a hopeless drunk and a washed-up Drag Queen find a baby in a dumpster at Christmas. You might think that doesn’t sound very funny, depressing even. Well why don’t you watch it first before you come to any conclusions, smarty pants?





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Wowa, what happened? Sol, have you gone EVIL? Don’t bother to deny it. It’s as plain as the nose on your… oh D=

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Not everyone experiences the same deep and meaningful epiphany during a Guild Wars cut scene.

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A new Elder Dragon is rising! Only the toughest, most dedicated group of heroes can stop him!




It is probably not this group.

NONSENSE. This is just the warm-up.

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This gif accurately portrays how I play any game ever.

Press F to open chest.PRESS F TO OPEN.
 F F F F F F F F F F F 

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How to ban the banner in Skype chat

Skype, please stop thrusting ads in my face. Me no need what you got and don’t want to get what you giving.

Stop adverts in Skype chat windows

Only for windows users (that I know of).

As for all the other problems with skype …

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Watch: Patema Inverted

Watch Online: Patema Inverted

If you like post-apocolytic plot lines where gravity works in reverse for half of the surviving human race, then this movie is for you. Beautifully animated, cleaver scenes, cleaver action, leaving you in constant fear that your favourite character is about to fall into the sky. Ohnoez.image

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was going to add more but eventually just lost interest. 

edit- shit I forgot, its OC’s dancing on ‘Shuffling’ because someone brought up GW2 and I got all mushy. 

bottom; Seie pretending to be a human. These actually didn’t turn out half bad. 

put your hands up

Watch Online: Cat Shit One

Watch: Cat Shit One  (click the link!). You won’t regret it. Unless you really like cute little bunnies a lot and don’t want anything to spoil that for you. Or camels … don’t watch if you sympathise with camels. But for the rest of you, watch it.

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Hey hey hey, welcome to Littlest Pip Shop.

Hey hey hey, welcome to Littlest Pip Shop.

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